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The European Ceramic Society                  n° 1 – May 2014


First call for projects “European and American Ceramist Student Exchange Program”

The purpose of this program is to facilitate young European PhD students to spend maximum 3 months in an American laboratory to carry out part of their experimental work. Deadline for submissions: 15th July 2014.


JECS Trust Fund

The JECS Trust Call for projects is still running – Deadline for submissions: 31st May 2014.


News from the Council:

During the last Council meeting held in January 2014, the organizer of the 2017 ECerS Conference was chosen: it will be held in Istanbul (Turkey)



The 14th ECerS Conference will be held in Toledo (Spain) from 21 to 25 June 2015.

We remind you that a list of conferences endorsed by ECerS is also available on the ECerS website.


Contacts with ACerS:

Following the first meeting held in Limoges on June 2013, a meeting was held in January 2014 between representatives of ECerS and ACerS in order to strengthen ties with new collaborations.


Special recognition of Prof. Stuart Hampshire

The 8th International APMT symposium organized by the American Ceramic Society in Daytona Beach in January 2014 was dedicated in honor of Professor Stuart Hampshire.


The European Ceramic Society AISBL is a non-governmental, non-profit federation 
of national ceramic societies each representing the ceramists of a member country.


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